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Born in the autumn of 1989, Achanak a six piece band who have reached the upper echelons of the Bhangra music industry. An image driven band with powerful and ground breaking production skills ( and numerous pop videos to date ) have attracted international television exposure :

DEF II( BBC2), Central TV, Network East (BBC2), Sky TV, MTV, Bhangra girls (BBC2), Eastern Mix, Zee TV,  Channel East, B4U in addition to Japanese and French TV.

Achanak's albums to date :

album                 album status

NACHurally            platinum

paNACHe               platinum

SigNACHure          double platinum

 Have Faith            spiritual album

Top-NACH              platinum

Q the Music           platinum

Full Contact          platinum

Code Red              platinum

4 Play


20 years of Bhangra

Game Set & Nach

Emanating from the Midlands, which is now accepted as the  heartland of bhangra - Achanak have been viewed as one of the leading exponents of 'New Wave Bhangra' which is a fusion of traditional vocals and energetic western dance rhythms. Having performed in Europe and in the UK with many of the leading mainstream acts ( eg Brockwell Park - Anti Nazi League) Achanak are seen as the leading players in the ever growing European market. With a live act that involves an exciting dance crew, Achanak are more than just an excellent live musical band.

Achanak, whilst being a premier bhangra band, are a multi facet band. Amongst their chart selling bhangra albums, Achanak have also produced a critically acclaimed spiritual album (Have Faith) which has encapsulated the essences of all religions of the world. The album combined all the elements associated with the leading religions, and amalgamated these with the contemporary musical sounds currently in vogue. The success of this project has led the band to perform at various religious festivals including the various Sikh festivals that occur throughout the year. The band was recognised for donating all the proceeds to ‘The Great Ormond Street Hospital’ which, included coverage on local TV networks.

Achanak are also well known for incorporating social, economic and political issues of the day. One such issue was the imposition of the poll tax by the Thatcher administration which, directly affected the asian community. To reinforce the retrogressive nature of the tax, Achanak hired the ‘spitting image’ set of impressionists who successfully mimicked the voices of the leading cabinet ministers of the day. On the eve of the release of the album, the premier was forced to resign. The band would like to think that they may have played a key role in this event.(sic)


 1989 Best newcomers- Chahalco Award

 1990 Best Upcoming band - Radio Spectrum

 1991 Best video, Best Live band Apna Awards

 1992 Best Band - Sidhu awards

 1993 Best innovative band, Best video

 1994 Best bhangra band -Dubai

 1995 Best track - East London radio

 1999 Best album - Media awards


1990  Denmark

1993  Austria - Le Festival

 1993 Canada, USA

 1994 Dubai

 1995 Dubai

 1996 Singapore, Malaysia

 1997 Dubai

 1998 Holland - Mondial Festival

 1999 Dubai

2001  Orient Festival - Sweden

2002  Berlin ( Germany )

The band has played alongside Maniac Street Preachers, The Levellers, Boney M, Mica Paris, Dreadzone, African Headcharge, Apache Indian, Blue Notes, Incognito, MN8 and Damage.

Current projects:

With the current fantastic success of Code Red -Achanak are now preparing their next release –4 play – which takes their music to a higher level and encapsulates their live musical experiences on the mainstream circuit.

Having conquered the bhangra live circuit, Achanak have been progressivley penetrating the festival circuit, with the year 2001 having been the most successful, with an extensive tour of the UK festival circuit covering all areas of the UK from the Golowan Festival ( Cornwall), the Swiesen Festival ( Wales ) to the Womad festival in the North. The band has been re-invited to the Hastings festival and the success of the band at the Orient festival took the band to the front pages of the biggest selling newspaper Dagens Nyheter ( see press cuttings ) in which the band was recognised to have been the best live performers at the Orient Festival. This was also repeated by the Hastings press who also regarded the band as the most ‘entertaining band at the festival’. At the Golowan festival the band was cited as the best at the festival ever.

Current dates :

Achanak are currently touring extensively throughout the UK and overseas showcasing the new album. Dates include :

Golowan Festival

Hastings Festival ( see press reviews )

Bradford Festival

World Rhythms Festival ( London )

Sesiwn Fawr Festivals - Sponsored by TV performing with the Levellers

Burnley Mechanics

Beverely Saturday Festival

World Music Festival – Hartlepool

Reading Festival amongst others.

Band members :

Vijay Bhatti  - lead vocals

K' Tura       - Dhol and Dholak ( percussion )

Nick Chawalia - Keyboards

Sukhi Chand   - Bass/keyboards

Gurney Bains  - Drums

Ninder Johal  - Tabla ( percussion )

Management company :

Nachural Records

Unit 6,

Chancel Industrial Estate,

Darlington Street,


Phone: 0870 609 4401

Email: ninder.johal@nachural.co.uk